About CSF

About CSF

When Jesus called his first disciples, he didn’t use trendy marketing techniques or appeal to the crowds of the popular and powerful.  He also didn’t ask a list of qualifying questions or do any screening of people’s backgrounds or traditions.  Nope, his call was amazingly simple, and yet simply  amazing:

CSF is a gathering for students who are seeking to follow Christ together in genuine community.  As a community, we hope to encourage thoughtful exploration of what it means to be a follower of Christ in a complex and divisive world.  We embrace conversations that are open and respectful, ideas that are true to who God is and who we are in God, and lifestyles that show following Christ is a way of life, not just a system of belief.  We know the journey is enhanced by companions and friends and therefore seek to build genuine relationships among all who come.  Regardless of background or tradition, all are welcome to join this fellowship as we journey together in the lifelong commitment of following Christ.

CSF was started by First Baptist Clemson in 2004 as a college ministry open to all students in the Clemson area. CSF is a recognized Clemson University organization and joins with other campus ministry groups throughout the year for ecumenical missions and services. CSF is a student-led organization, and all students are encouraged to become involved and help lead. In addition, the CSF Council is elected each Spring Semester and works directly with the Campus Minister in the ‘big picture’ planning and leadership.

CSF meets Thursdays at 6:45 pm for a [free] hot dinner, fellowship, interactive worship, and open discussions. CSF also has mission projects, retreats, small group studies, socials, Sunday luncheons, tailgates, mission trips, intramural teams and block seating for football games.

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