114775b1b0049d519af13e0017c36d29_L(Taken on our CSF Pilgrimage to Miami, Spring Break 2014)

The call to follow Christ is a call to join in God’s Mission, no matter where we find ourselves.  Each year at CSF, we try to be open to new ways that we can be involved in God’s Mission, both locally and globally.


(Clemson’s Shanty Town, Spring 2014)

Some of the local mission opportunities we value are making and delivering sandwiches and clothing items to homeless persons, doing yardwork and indoor cleaning for the elderly, and raising money & awareness to fight hunger.

(Charleston Mission Weekend, Fall 2012)


(Now Serving Atlanta, Annual Collegiate Mission Immersion, Feb 2014)

We also have annual Spring Break Mission Trips which have recently taken us to:

New York, NY – 2015

Miami, FL – 2014

Washington, DC – 2013

Tabernacle, NJ – 2012

Chicago, IL – 2011

Miami, FL – 2010

New York, NY – 2009

Galveston, TX – 2008

Charleston, SC – 2007


(Pilgrimage to Miami, 2013)