Find Community Here!

Find Community Here!

Christians were never meant to live outside of community, so come find your community here as you enter the wide world of college life!

Community is essential to help us navigate through the journey of life and faith.  As we seek to create and live into genuine community at Clemson CSF, we offer Bible studies and small groups, socials and trips, service and justice projects, worship and prayerful encouragement, and also intergenerational connections with the various ministries of First Baptist Clemson.
(CSF Block Seating – 2011 Clemson Football Season)

The Bible studies and small groups are opportunities to be honest and open with the Christian faith, to explore real depths of Bible study, and to share meaningful conversations with other students.  The socials and trips help strengthen relationships through shared experiences and authentic friendship.  The service and justice projects bring God’s global perspective and enable students to be the hands and feet of Christ to the world around them.  Worship and prayerful encouragement opens up accountability, compassion, and support, all of which are needed through the college experience.  And the intergenerational connections create new ways for students to intentionally affect the lives of persons outside of the college campus (e.g., teenagers, children, or senior adults).

In all of these facets of CSF ministry, we are seeking to grow in community with one another and with God.  Come, join us, and find your community here!

(Student Luncheon at First Baptist Clemson)